Confort Line


The ionization of air is a parameter that is gaining increasing importance from an environmental point of view, due to the biological effects it entails and the vast range of applications it has within the most varied of technical-scientific fields.

The devices, from modern design, are particularly suitable for residential environments, offices, surgeries of dimensions up to 80 MC of volume.

Solutions Comfort Line to purify the air

They are equipped with a very silent tangential fan, through which the air taken from the environment is ionized. The polluting particles, present in the air, are trapped by the double action of the Coulombiane forces and the induction of the electrostatic filter fibres.

The filter is the result of long searches carried out with 3M and is able to retain up to 95% of the particles of the diameter of 0.1 microns.

The efficacy of the purification of these devices is due to the technology of the “CONTROLLED BIPOLAR IONIZATION”. In addition to dust particles it is able to reduce gaseous substances (VOC) and fungi, bacteria, viruses, moulds and odors.