AERSwiss Pro Blue

AERSwiss Pro Blue Bipolar Air Ionizer

Bipolar air ionizer for air treatment and sanitation up to 26 m².

AERSwiss Pro Blue it is a device, with a modern design, particularly suitable for residential environments, offices, dental clinics, beauty centers with dimensions up to 80 MC in volume.
They are equipped with a very quiet tangential fan, through which the air extracted from the environment is ionized. The polluting particles, present in the air, are trapped by the double action of the forces of the Coulomb repulsion and the induction of the electrostatic filter fibers.

AERSwiss Pro Blue

Bipolar Air Ionizer for Treatment and Sanitation

Models: AERSwiss Pro Blue

The filter is the result of long searches carried out with 3M and is capable of retaining up to 95% of particles with a diameter of 0.1 microns.
The purification efficiency of these devices is due to the “CONTROLLED BIPOLAR IONIZATION” technology. In addition to dust particles, it is capable of reducing gaseous substances (VOC) and fungi, bacteria, viruses, molds and bad odors.

Directives: Guidelines and Standards:

Directive 2014/35 / EU on low voltage / directive LVD Directive 2014/30 / EU on electromagnetic compatibility / directive EMC.

Applied standards: IEC 60335-1 / EN 60335-1.

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances: general standards (LVD) IEC 60335-2-65 / EN 60335-2-35.

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances (LVD) Special rules for air purification equipment EN 61000-6-3.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for household appliances, power tools and similar electrical appliances: EN 61000-6-1 emission.

Electromagnetic compatibility: immunity requirements for household appliances, power tools and similar devices: immunity IEC 61000-3-2 / EN61000-3-2.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) limits for harmonic current emissions IEC 61000-3-3 / EN 61000-3-3.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) limitation of changes in voltages, voltage fluctuations.



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